Mt. St. Helens – steaming and quaking

Written on January 19, 2008 – 10:44 pm | by admin |

On Sunday Jan. 13th 2008 Mt. St. Helens let off some steam accompanied by a small earthquake registering 2.9 in magnitude. The last notable tremor was Oct. 2, 2004 which was felt as far away as Bend, Oregon all the way up to Bellingham, Washington. The 2004 tremor prompted the evacuation of the Johnson Ridge Observatory.

Scientists at the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver constantly monitor Mt. St. Helens with all types of sophisticated gauges to try and understand the condition of the Volcano and the possibility of future eruptions. Also, of note, is watching the lava dome grow back. Currently, they have backed off of any excursions into the crater for a couple of days.

It is said that since the fall of 2004 over 123 million cubit yards of material have erupted from the mountain. Although the rate amount of material erupting has slowed.

The tremor on on Sunday lasted an hour and a half.

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