Vancouver Lake Crew receives donation of boats

Written on January 21, 2008 – 12:15 am | by admin |

The Vancouver Lake Crew received a donation of 14 boats from Seattle’s Lake Union Crew rowing club on Saturday. Needless to say the Vancouver Lake Crew members were ecstatic to receive the boats. The Vancouver Lake Crew lost their boats in the recent Tornado to hit Vancouver that damaged 50 boats and other items at the club.

The club members received lots of help in cleaning up after the Tornado. The rowing community is a tight knit group and they are willing to help each other when possible. In fact, the Vancouver Lake Crew had already received 22 boats from other donors before receiving this new set of boats from Seattle. Even the Ranier Rowing Club wanted to donate boats.

Other rowing clubs that have offered help are from Ashland, Oregon, Portland and Tacoma, Washington. They even received a call from a rowing club in Idaho. Fred Myers donated $5,000. The Vancouver Rotary Club is planning on donating $6,000 and the club has received another $20,000 in donations.

Wow, it’s so neat to see people get behind the Vancouver Lake Crew with all these donations and help in cleaning the property. This really speaks well of our community can unite to help kids have a healthy fun activity to be involved in..esp.. on beautiful Lake Washington.

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