Sunshine all day – yipee – a much needed break

Written on January 24, 2008 – 4:59 am | by admin |

The sun was shining all day today around Vancouver, Washington. Okay, we’ll include Portland, Oregon on this one. Wow, it was beautiful. 2 days in a row as a matter of fact. Yes, it’s a bit chilly in the morning and in the evening but the daytime is very comfortable, warm and sunny.

For the California transplants this was a very welcome day. It’s a day that could just keep going on and on and on for months and nobody would complain. You could’ve even worn shorts today outside. Something inside of you just said: Oh… let this be the weather for the next 2 months.. but, I have to break the news to you.. we are in the Pacific Northwest and this was a simple but beautiful break that reminds us of why we live in Portland – Vancouver (the scenery – amongst other reasons).

So, squeeze as much sunlight out of the big yellow ball in the sky while it’s visible and brace yourself for a bit more moisture as we head into what will undoubtedly be a wonderful spring in a couple more months.

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