Battleground Blaze – 2 Alam fire on 244th

Written on January 24, 2008 – 3:01 pm | by admin |

Early this morning a home in Battleground had a 2 alarm fire caused by embers. Yesterday, after cleaning out the wood stove embers that were in a bucket on the back porch floated up to the attic area and it caught on fire. The home is now uninhabitable.

Because it was so cold it made the work more difficult for the Battleground firefighters because the water would turn into ice when hitting the walkways and driveway.

Cascade Coatings & Construction which is a Vancouver area Restoration company servicing Battleground would like to encourage homeowners to make sure that when they have a bucket of embers to soak them completely in water and put them far away from the home. In case you have experienced a fire and need your home boarded up or need reconstruction or repair services to bring your home back to a pre-loss condition Cascade Coatings & Construction can be reached at: 360-723-0698.

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