Deadly Tornados Devastate Southern States

Written on February 6, 2008 – 4:04 pm | by admin |

Can you imagine? On Super Tuesday tornadoes tore thru several southern states. Tornadoes ripped apart buildings, tore off roofs and flattened mobiles homes. Tennessee – 24 victims, Arkansas – 14 victims, Kentucky – 7 victims, Alabama – 3 victims. As a nation our hearts go out to these Tornado victims and their families. Victims were children and adults. We can only imagine the pain the relatives of the victims of these fierce Tornadoes are facing this morning.

2 Dormitories at Union Pacific University were hit hard devastating the buildings and sending debree all over the parking lot. Many students were taken to the hospital.

The tornados also hit in Mississippi. It also appears that a tornado damaged 8 homes in Walker County, Alabama either on Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.

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