Obama, Clinton, McCain & Huckabee – “Full Steam Ahead”

Written on February 19, 2008 – 5:19 pm | by admin |

Obama and Clinton will be duking it out today trying to get more delegates raked up on their respective sides. At stake today is Wisconsin and Hawaii. Wisconsin has 74 delegates up for grabs and Hawaii has 20. The polls are all over the board. One shows Hillary ahead in Wisconsin and the other shows Obama leading. Go figure! Who do you think is going to carry the day? Who should carry the day?

Clinton’s camp is hedging on super delegates as they try and woo them to their side. Stay tuned as the results come pouring in.

McCain is currently leading in delegate counts for the Republican nomination. Huckabee plans on staying in the race until 1 man acquires the necessary votes to clinch the nomination.

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